Thursday, October 6, 2016

Drawings of Giant Toadstools by Dr. Graybones

Dr Graybones
"This toadstool seems to like that abandoned car and all the rubbish"

Between 1943 and 1953 a hobo known as Dr Graybones drew more than a dozen pictures of the "Giant Toadstools" he encountered while hopping freight trains. Posted here are few drawing pulled from his journal.

Dr. Graybones
"Empty drums, rusting metal, sticky rubber, and a massive toadstool."

Dr. Graybones

"I'm half frozen and half starved, it must be Christmas"

A small catalog of Dr. Graybones' drawings and personal effects will be published by the Nomadic Fungi Institute in conjunction with the White Rock Zine Machine.

The complete biography of Sam Gray - Dr Graybones And His Curious Knapsack is published by the Nomadic Fungi Institute. The first edition is available through the White Rock Zine Machine.

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