Tuesday, April 29, 2014

What Attracts Nomadic Fungus Spores

Oil Transport Nomadic Fungus

The Nomadic Fungi Institute has continued with the analysis of the Nomadic Fungus specimen - BP OTT-NF2014.

As noted in the previous document Extraction Of Fertile Nomadic Fungus Spores, NFI has successfully extracted spore samples and is now focusing on how those spores interact with the environment and what materials they respond to.

Unlike most molds and fungi, the Nomadic Fungus spores do not thrive on rotting organic materials such as wood or food stuffs. In fact if the Nomadic Fungus spores are forced to remain in such an environment they shrivel up and quickly disintegrate. Surprisingly, Nomadic Fungus spores will bounce off of natural fibers such as cotton or silk, but will become firmly entangled in the fibers of the shag carpet.

It has been noted in controlled lab tests that the airborne Nomadic Fungus spores are more inclined to land on materials made from plastic, rubber, or steel. Surfaces coated with petroleum based products such as KY jelly or 10W-30 motor oil will attract the Nomadic Fungus spores with an almost magnetic pull, whereas liquids such as distilled water or vegetable oil have the opposite effect, repelling the Nomadic Fungus spore away.

These early observations suggest that the Nomadic Fungus spores have evolved to thrive in habitats that are composed of modern industrial products, and that the ideal environment for the germination and propagation of NF spores is the automobile.

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