Tuesday, June 23, 2020

NFI Goes On Sabbatical


Nomadic Fungi Institute

During this time of lock down and political unrest the staff at NFI has chosen to suspend all public events and announcements. It is our strong belief that we, the people of America should mask up, and spend this time supporting family, friends and neighbors who need help. 

With the collapse of accountable news sources, the expanding echo chambers of conspiracies, the growing support of anti-science and the selected blindness of history, we believe truth and honesty are more important now than ever. The staff at NFI know just how easy it is to adjust the facts to better suite popular agendas. To present fables as facts and see the audience eat it up. It is in fact because of this that the staff voted to go on sabbatical. We feel that even in the sprit of a good leg pulling the spreading pseudoscience is something NFI should hold back on... at least for the moment.

So we will keep you in our hearts and minds.

Dr. B F Smith PhD


Nomadic Fungi Institute

Saturday, April 25, 2020

Quarantine Conversations with Zhaira Costiniano from Ro2 Art

Nomadic Fungi Institute

Zhaira Costiniano, the Assistant Director at Ro2 Art Gallery is conducting Quarantine Conversations and asked our NFI archivist Brad Ford Smith to speak a bit about his involvement with the Nomadic Fungi Institute. The interview posted on the Ro2 Art website not only gives a nice introduction to the workings of NFI but it's also illustrated with wonderful photo documents and drawings.

Click Quarantine Conversations to see the full interview.

Tuesday, March 31, 2020

From A Distance : Virtual Galley Exhibition at RO2 Art

Spore Garden

From A Distance is the first virtual gallery exhibit by Ro2 Art Gallery and it includes four original NFI ink drawings that document nomadic fungi growing on slabs of Goodrich steel belted redial tires. These drawings are part of the documentation of resent lab tests at NFI which were so successful that NFI is publishing a lavishly illustrated handbook Spore Garden to celebrate. Stay tuned. Until then visit the From A Distance exhibit at Ro2 Art.

Click From A Distance to see the virtual exhibition.