Tuesday, January 10, 2017

NFI Director Subject For Photographer

Bard Ford Smith

Last month during a rare outing our Director, the obsessively dedicated and sun deprived research junkie, Dr. B.F. Smith PhD ended up at the photography studio of the very talented and gracious Kent Barker.

Kent has been working on a series he calls The Creatives. In this series he is documenting a cross section of the creative community living in Dallas Texas. This community includes painters, designers, architects, photographers, dancers, writers and now one musty smelling archivist from the Nomadic Fungi Institute.

Dr. Smith is pictured here in a freshly cleaned lab coat proudly displaying three jars containing successfully sprouted Nomadic Fungi. The staff at NFI are very proud of this portrait and are truly amazed at Kent's ability to capture the more dignified side of our Director.

For more information on Kent Barker's wonderful series  The Creatives follow this LINK