Our Supporters

NFI is very thankful for the kind generosity of our supporters. Each has been essential in the development and implementation of the NFI initiative. 

Accurate Signs
You might have noticed the really nice vinyl lettering on the wall at the past NFI exhibitions. These were done by Doug and his great staff at Accurate Signs. They know how to cut the vinyl!

Artbot 138
Artbot 138 is our go to guy for the creation of vector graphics, animated GIFs, and advice on casting.  All of these tasks have been a snap for Artbot 138, and just barely taps into their wide spectrum of skills and talents.

Art Car Museum
The Art Car Museum in Houston Texas is a world class leader in exhibiting weird and beautifully manipulated automobiles. NFI was very proud to install an exhibition in their gallery as part of their twenty year anniversary celabration.

Kent Barker
Kent is single handedly providing the creative community of Dallas Texas with high quality, dignified photographic portraits.  NFI is very honored to have our Director's portrait included in Kent's Creatives series.

Jeff Baker
Whether he is shooting from the hip in the alleys of New York or meticulously manipulating studio lights to capture the nuances of rusty tools, Jeff's passion is evident in the lush prints he produces. NFI has been very lucky to have his expert assistance with printing the Cordyceps Spore Microscopy images.

Deep Vellum Books
Deep Vellum Books is a treasure trove of worldly books translated into english, as well as sensational books by small independent presses. NFI was very honored to exhibit the artifacts and journal pages of Dr. Graybones And His Curious Knapsack at the Deep Vellum bookstore.

Evans and Associates 
Tim Evans has a gift for fonts. To be honest, it's more of a beautiful obsession. His graphic work reflects refinement, sophistication and punch. NFI has been very fortunate to have his assistance in cleaning up the text panels for our exhibit at RO2 Gallery, The Nomadic Fungus Spore Sprouting Test.

The Gallery at North Haven Gardens
This bright new gallery that is attached to the North Haven Gardens center. It's primary focus is the displaying artwork inspired by nature. It says a lot that Cody and Sandi are gutsy enough to ask NFI to display works related to the industrial manipulation of cordyceps fungi. The Nature Of Cordyceps.

Ro2 Art
NFI is honored to be represented by Ro2 Art. RoArt has exhibited more artists per square foot than any other gallery in Dallas. When they see something that intrigues them they throw it up on the wall to see if it'll stick.

SculptCAD is a 3D printing, 3D scanning and 3D software company that does amazing rapid prototyping. They also host the SculptCAD Rapid Artists program which gives conventional artists the opportunity to produce sculpture using rapid prototyping and 3D printing technologies. NFI worked with SculptCAD in 2014 to produce the Nomadic Fungus Mounted onto A 1987 Monte Carlo.

Barry Snidow
Barry is a passionate photographer and a master at light manipulation. He can take the lowliest NFI Lab Sample and make it shine like a glamorous model at New York Fashion Week.  NFI has had the fortunate opportunity of dropping by his studio for a round of glamour shots. You'll be seeing some of these photos as postcards and on the NFI Blog.

Solid Signs
The solid skills of the staff at Solid Signs has been instrumental in the production of some of the more intricate constructions required to safely display nomadic fungi in a public setting.

State Fair of Texas
There are state fairs and then there is THE State Fair of Texas. More than just stomach turning rides and automobile shows. This year's Fair will include an exhibition by NFI at the Texas Discovery Gardens. Grab a corny dog and take a peak under the hood.

Studio Six Art Conservation
Art conservators are an obsessive breed of people that find joy in the recreation of fine details. NFI has utilized the services of Studio Six to assist with the standardization of lab documentation and the fabrication of scale models.

Texas Discovery Gardens
The NFI staff has been long time fans of the Butterfly Atrium at TDG, so it was a real joy when they ask NFI to install an exhibition in their gallery to run during the Texas State Fair. We think TDC has some real courage, or perhaps they're just suckers for state fair sideshows.

White Rock Zine Machine
The White Rock Zine Machine is a repurposed baseball card vending machine that now dispenses poems to the public as well as giving writer the opportunity to produce work in small editions. NFI linked up with WRZM to co-produce the catalog Dr. Graybones And His Curious Knapsack.

Writers' Colony at Dairy Hollow
Tucked away on the back side of Eureka Springs, the Writer's Colony is the place to go to get some serious writing done and be fed really well while doing it.

Noted Organizations                                                                                                                               

American Mycelium Regulatory Commission
The AMRC is a new commission that oversees and regulates the fast growing field of fungus and mold manipulation and development.

Bureau of Scientific Annuluses and Protection 
BSAP uses the FOIA to access private, corporate and governmental documents and make the available to the public.

Freedom of Information Act
FOIA is the law that gives you the public at large the right to access information from the federal government.

Homeland Security Advisory System
HSAS developed the color coded threat scale, the one that translates your health and safety into a fear factor rainbow of yellow, orange, red and purple.

International Association of Consumer Based Technologies 
IACBT is the international watchdog of technologies used in the manufacture of consumer based products.

National Guidelines for Scientific Methodology
NGSM is the recognized national standard for scientific laboratory testing.