Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Thank You To Our Supporters For A Wonderful 2013

Nomadic Fungi Institute
As the sun sets behind the NFI filing cabinets, we would like to take a moment to thank all the people that have supported NFI during our first year of public operation. Your input of advice, time and legal tender has enable us to reach several of our goals and has set us up for a fantastic 2014.

2013 saw the launch of the NFI web site World Of Nomadic Fungi, which immediately jumped into the publication of our first of four eye witness accounts. We also posted information from the Wobblers Encyclopedia of Parasitic Fungi that focused on the natural history of Nomadic Fungus.

A real land mark was our acquisition of documents from the Bureau of Scientific Analysis and Protection pertaining to military testing of parasitic fungus.

And lets not forget the first known video footage of a Nomadic Fungi actually moving of its own accord.

The NFI presented at two public venues this year, the Art Conspiracy and the Art.Science.Gallery. Each enabled us to spread the word about Nomadic Fungi.

TWe also had the release of the NFI logo which may sound like a small thing but believe me, it is so very nice to have NFI letterhead that reflects the professional dedication that we and our supporters feel.

NFI is already hard at work making plans for 2014. You'll read more eye witness accounts, see more publications of documents, as well as the release of the Nomadic Fungi Advisory Chart.

There will be more public events, and if our computer technicians can manage it, the World Of Nomadic Fungi web site will soon have a shop page where you can sign up to become a NFI member. Thank You gifts such as limited edition prints, booklets and buttons will be available as enticing incentives.

Cheers to a great start and a fantastic 2014 to everyone!

Dr. B.F. Smith PhD

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