Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Nomadic Fungi on Instagram

The Nomadic Fungi Institute is now posting on Instagram at @nomadic_fungi ,also look for hashtag #nomadicfungi

As part of our long range goal to spread the word about Nomadic Fungi, NFI has steadily been building an online presence, first by constructing the NFI wed site: The World Of Nomadic Fungi, then launching into the field of social media with our own FaceBook Page. Now, NFI has stepped up the pace with the addition of an Instagram account: @nomadic_fungi 

On @nomadic_fungi you will find images posted directly from the NFI staff. Some of these images will be official documents that include brief descriptions, and some will be off the cuff photos, a view into the world of NFI.

For the most complete information and news always visit the NFI web site at www.WorldOfNomadicFungi.com  

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