Monday, June 3, 2013

Midnight Nibblet Volvo 245DL

This scale model of the Midnight Nibblet fungus attached to a 1974 Volvo 245DL is based on photographs sent to the Nomadic Fungi Institute.

Although no cases have yet been officially verified or acknowledged by the U.S. government, rumors of giant fungi growing from automobiles began to circulate in the 1950s.

The original Midnight Nibblet photographs were estimated to have been taken around 1981, but they remained stashed away in a shoebox until May of 2012 when they came to light during the family estate sale.

The Nomadic Fungi Institute recognizes that today's economy is built upon a vast transportation network and that the existence of a parasitic fungus feeding upon automobiles imposes a serious threat to all humanity.

The Nomadic Fungi Institute is dedicated to the research and documentation of the phenomenon known as Nomadic Fungi. It is the goal of the Nomadic Fungi Institute to make all documents, interviews and photographs that pertain to this very serious threat available to the public at large.

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