Tuesday, June 26, 2018

Roadside Snacks Opening Night

Roadside Snacks, the newest exhibition by the Nomadic Fungi Institute drew a horde of curious supporters as part of the Art Car Museum's 20th year celebration.


The founder of the Institute, Dr. B F Smith was in attendance to answer questions about the exhibit and the characteristics of Nomadic Fungi. Below are snippets from his impression of the opening event:

I was most encouraged by the number of interested responses ... there were loads of questions with some people coming back two even three times with more queries. It seemed most people were curious how exactly nomadic fungi might impact their lives.             

Art Car Museum
Yes, I think some people were initially taken aback upon encountering a science based exhibition at an art museum. But once they started looking and reading they quickly realized the significance of the exhibition.

It was gratifying to witness so many people taking time to closely examine the the NFI lab samples and read the documentation.

Texas Art Gallery
Overall, I felt the opening at the Art Car Museum was quite exciting. And as the exhibit shows through August, I hope it will continue to increase public awareness of nomadic fungi.

My sincere thanks to the Art Car Museum for providing NFI with this opportunity.

Texas Artist

Houston Art Galleries

Roadside Snacks will be on display at the Art Car Museum from June 11th- Nov 28th 2018.

For more information about the Nomadic Fungi Institute sign up for the NFI news posts at the World Of Nomadic Fungi.com

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