Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Fungus Dreams and Vinyl Thoughts

Nomadic Fungus

It was serendipity that the Nomadic Fungi Institute Lab had just finished the sterilization treatment on the Nomadic Fungus Zap-Em Pest Control Van when the 6th annual Vinyl Thoughts Exhibition popped up.

Nomadic Fungus

So we contacted Cody and Shelby over at Vinyl Thoughts Nation and asked about putting one of our lab samples in the show. They asked us if NFI worked with vinyl toys? Well kind of ...  vinyl toy cars provide an excellent food source for Nomadic Fungi germination. So yeah, we most definitely fit the bill.

Vinyl Thoughts

This one night pop up show featured a surprisingly big assortment of talented Texas vinyl toy designers. It was a fun high energy evening with frantic buying starting long before the free alcohol hits the veins.

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