Saturday, July 2, 2016

Germination And Sprouting Nomadic Fungus

The Nomadic Fungi Institute has successfully cultivated Nomadic Fungus spores in a controlled laboratory setting.

After two years of research and laboratory testing, NFI is happy to release these photographs from the Nomadic Fungi Spore Sprouting Test.

The multi step process of sprouting the Nomadic Fungus spores begins with the creation of a cocktail that the spores can thrive in.  Next, pour that funky mix into a jar and add a diecast car to act as a host for the fungus to feed upon.

Nomadic Fungi Institute

It was a bit of a dangerous decision whether to engage in these tests. The risks involved in handling a voracious material which if successfully germinated posed an added risk of containment breach.

After weighing all the options and conducting in depth research on containment and sterilization, NFI decided to push ahead with the tests. The results as you can see from these photographs has been amazing.

Nomadic Fungi Institute

These bonsai sized Nomadic Fungi Lab Samples will be essential in our research on how this parasitic fungus can rapidly biodegrade materials such as petroleum, rubber and plastic.

The results of the Spore Sprouting Test are on display at RO2 Art June 25th - July 23rd 2016.

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