Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Generating a Computer Printed Nomadic Fungus Part 2

Nomadic Fungus 3d printing
As previously reported, the Nomadic Fungi Institute has been very fortunate to have the opportunity to participate in the SculptCAD Rapid Artists program. With the help of the staff at SculptCAD we are creating a sculptural print of the NFI logo.

Using the Freeform surface modeling software and the heavily dog eared copy of How to Generate a 3D Model manual, we spent the afternoon carving away bits and bites, slowly turning our digital potato into a 1978 Monte Carlo and then attaching a Nomadic Fungus to the back windshield. 

Nomadic Fungi sculpture
To help clearify the design, our friends at Studio Six Art Conservation created a small oil clay model, seen in the foreground. This really helped to visualize the digital construction of the 3D model.

Next week, we delve into technical tweaks such as shelling, sizing and refining the surface.

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